Which Bistro Soup You Are Based on Your Star Sign

Which Bistro Soup You Are Based on Your Star Sign

Fall is here and with it comes another one of our favorite seasons – Bistro soup season! Whether you love creamy soups, broth-based soups, or chilis, our line of Bistro soups has something for everyone. Looking for a new soup to try this fall? Below we’ve rounded up which one we think you’ll love based on your star sign!
Aries - Sweet Heat Turkey Chili 
This chili features a blend of flavors that are as deliciously unique as you are! With turkey, tangy pineapple, black and cannellini beans, and onions, this complex flavor profile matches bold and spontaneous personality of a typical Aries. 

Taurus - Home Style Beef Stew
A steadfast and loyal sign requires a soup with similar characteristics! Enter our Home Style Beef Stew. Just like a Taurus, this stew is a reliable classic that everyone loves.

Gemini - Broccoli & Cheese
This twin sign needs a soup that reflects their complex, dual personality. A creamy blend of Cheeses and fresh broccoli, this soup is the perfect match for a Gemini! 

Cancer - Mama’s Chicken Noodle
Cancers are sensitive, nurturing, and nostalgic just like this classic soup! Mama’s Chicken Noodle Soup is just like the Chicken Noodle Soup you grew up on but better. It’s nourishing and comforting flavors are like a hug in a bowl, perfect for Cancers. 

Leo - Stuffed Pepper
With slow-simmered beef, tomatoes, onions, rice, and green peppers all seasoned to perfection, there are just two words that come to mind when describing this Stuffed Pepper soup – vivacious and bold, just like a Leo!

Virgo - Split Pea
Practical with an eye for details, Virgos will appreciate our Split Pea soup! It’s an updated take on a true classic. And who loves classics more than dependable Virgos? Featuring split peas, carrots, onions, potatoes and ham, Virgos will appreciate all of the small details that go into this soup for one perfect bowl. 

Libra - Mediterranean Lemon Chicken
With a flair for balance and harmony, our Mediterranean Lemon Chicken soup is the perfect selection for this air sign! Libras love symmetry, and they’ll find tons of different-yet-complementary flavor profiles in a bowl of this soup, such as creamy chicken broth, garlic, and lemon.

Scorpio - Hearty Beef Barley 
This intense sign needs a soup with as much depth as they have. Enter the Hearty Beef Barley. It’s mix of savory beef stock, slow simmered beef and vegetables, and splash of red wine offers the kind of complexity this water sign is searching for.

Sagittarius - Italian Wedding with Meatballs
One-of-a-kind and optimistic, a Sagittarius would most enjoy a soup that offers a lot of different elements at once. Something that offers a little bit of everything – meat and vegetables, broth base with dairy included, a variety of herbs. Our Italian Wedding with Meatballs checks all of the boxes and more! 

Capricorn - Tomato Bisque with Spinach and Orzo
If you’re looking for a soup that can do it all, just like a Capricorn, our Tomato Bisque with Spinach and Orzo is it! It’s perfect on its own, or as an appetizer, or paired with your favorite grilled cheese sandwich or some crusty bread. This is perfect for a star sign like the Capricorn, who strives to do it all and do it all well. 

Aquarius - Farmer’s Market Vegetable
If you’re ever looking for an Aquarius on the weekend, just scope out your local farmer’s market. This sign is free-spirited and eccentric and beats to their own drum. A soup that offers a wholesome combination of garden vegetables like zucchini, carrots, and corn, in a savory broth is the perfect match for this sign! Just like an Aquarius, it might have a lot going on, but it balances it all well.

Pisces - Potato Bacon & Cheese 
Pisces are often regarded as one of the most sensitive signs of the Zodiac and are extremely emotionally aware. So it’s important that this sign has a soup that just screams ‘comfort food,’ perfect to match their sensitive nature. With a hearty blend of cheeses, real cream, potatoes, and thick slices of bacon, we can’t think of a better match than our Potato Bacon & Cheese soup.