Beef Stix

These snappy treats are a blend of lean beef, beef brisket trimmings, zesty spices, and our famous hardwood hickory smoking - all in a natural casing. You will never taste better Beef Stix!

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Fully Cooked.
Steam: Place in 160-180° F water for 10 minutes.
Grill / Broil: Place on flat grill at 350° F for 10 minutes. Deep Fry: Place in oil for 2-3 minutes at high heat (350° F). Microwave: Heat 1 frank for 30 seconds on high.
*Note cooking times will vary by equipment


Grill and top with mustard and grilled onions.


Shelf Life: 28 days fresh from date of manufacture


No fillers, artificial colors, or flavorings.
Premium Beef
Real Hickory Wood Chips – not liquid smoke

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