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In 1985, Vienna® spiced up its product line with chili and began making the soups that will eventually comprise Bistro Soups & Chili®.

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Beef Soups

All of our beef soups use the same high quality premium beef we use for our hot dogs, sausages and deli meats. Some are hearty, some are light but all of our beef-based soups are full of flavor and made with fresh ingredients. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Chicken Soups

Time-tested flavors full of fresh, real ingredients and cooked with the kind of skill that only comes from experience. All of our chicken soups are made with antibiotic-free all-white meat chicken.

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Dairy Soups

We use all-natural dairy products without artificial thickeners or bases to make our real home-style soups. 

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Vegetable Soups

All of our vegetable soups are made using only the freshest premium vegetables. We carefully source our ingredients to provide you the quality and wholesomeness you expect.

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