The Dogfather

957 Illinois Route 59, Bartlett, IL 60103

Directions (630) 540-7500 Visit Website
The Dogfather
Inducted on 2nd Nov 2021

Tony Passaro has been ‘slinging’ Hot Dogs in Chicago’s Northwest suburbs since 2000. At the Dogfather restaurant in Bartlett they always make you a sandwich you can’t refuse. Every day from 10:00am until 7:30pm, Tony serves both great food and lively conversation. His Vienna Beef Hot Dogs, fresh grilled chicken, hamburgers, and gyros are always enticing repeat customers and new ones to ask for more.

Tony and his wife, Marianne live in the Bartlett area and have raised six children who all continue to make them proud. One is even living as far away as Brussels. Back home, Tony is the maestro of this great community restaurant, where customers are greeted warmly. He even knows many customer names and what they like to order. Tony sponsors many community events, such as Bartlett Little League and those supporting the local police and fire district. On many occasions, when he’s not behind the grill, Tony says he is usually sitting with his customers, sharing their fries, and entertaining their kids. Those are many of the qualities of an iconic food service leader.

The Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame was created to honor foodservice operations that have achieved and developed into special neighborhood landmarks. Out of thousands of Vienna Beef customers over the years we have recognized 137 nationwide since the award was inaugurated in 2006. As result of Tony Passaro’s reputation at the Dogfather, along with their community involvement, we are extremely proud to welcome The Dogfather as the 138th recipient. Congratulations to Tony, his family, and the entire staff.

The Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame was created in 2006 to recognize loyal vendors that have become landmarks in their neighborhood through outstanding customer service, community leadership, operational longevity, philanthropic efforts, and devotion to quality operations. To date, only 138 vendors nationwide have been inducted to The Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame. For more information visit,