Celebrate Thanksgiving with Vienna Beef

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and we’re sure many of you are already planning your holiday menu. While there are the classic Thanksgiving staples that come back each year like turkey and pumpkin pie, it never hurts to switch things up! Below we’ve rounded up our four favorite ways to incorporate Vienna Beef on Turkey Day to add a welcomed change to your typical holiday menu. Check them out below. 
Vienna Yellow Mustard
There are a few different ways to incorporate Vienna Yellow Mustard into your Thanksgiving menu, but one of our favorite ways is as a turkey brine. Simply combine some Vienna Yellow Mustard with some light brown sugar, paprika, Worcestershire sauce, and a dab of apple cider vinegar for a tangy brine that will keep your guests going back for second and third servings of turkey. 
And while the meal is the big event on Thanksgiving, you can’t forget about the appetizers! If you have some extra Vienna Yellow Mustard and some eggs lying around, a batch of deviled eggs is the perfect appetizer to feed a hungry crowd! 

Vienna Hot or Mild Giardiniera 
Looking for a tasty way to spice up your dinner table? Our Giardiniera is exactly what you’re looking for! While it might seem like an odd thing to add to the Thanksgiving table, a spoonful of Giardiniera on your sliced turkey or turkey dressing. The richness of the turkey and dressing balanced by the acidic pop of the Giardiniera vegetables can’t be beat!

Vienna Celery Salt 
The potential uses for Vienna Celery Salt on Thanksgiving are limitless! Below are some of our favorite uses:
  • To season your turkey 
  • In your stuffing 
  • In a salad dressing 
  • To season your mashed potatoes 
While celery salt is great to enhance the flavor of many savory dishes, please remember it has a strong flavor profile. All you need is a pinch of Celery Salt to take a dish to the next level. 

How will you incorporate Vienna Beef into your Thanksgiving dinner?