All About Vienna Beef Salami

All About Vienna Beef Salami

Here at Vienna Beef, we take Salami very seriously. After all, there’s no fooling around when you want to make a product with a real, honest-to-goodness, old fashioned taste. Currently, we offer two varieties of our Vienna Beef Salami - Hard Salami and Soft Salami. Each one has a delicious garlicky taste and is the perfect protein-packed snack. Here’s everything you need to know about our Salami!
Difference Between the Hard and Soft Salami
The difference between our Hard Salami and Soft Salami is exactly what you’d think! Our Vienna Beef Hard Salami is naturally dried for 30 days for a firmer bite and a garlic aroma. This creates a hard outer skin on the salami, so it doesn’t have as much give when you bite into it!
Both salamis feature a blend of lean meat and beef brisket trimmings, as well as a zesty blend of spices, and our famous hardwood hickory smoking. 
Serving Suggestions
While both Salamis feature a similar flavor profile, we recommend serving each one in a vastly different way! Here are some ways we like to use our Soft Salami:

  • In a sandwich 
  • Cubed up in pasta salad 
  • As a pizza topping 
  • Cubed up into a salad 

For our Hard Salami, we recommend serving as such:

  • On a cracker with cheese
  • In a deli tray 
  • Grilled salami sandwich 

Which Salami is your favorite, Soft or Hard?