3 Hot Dog Recipes Your Kids will Adore

3 Hot Dog Recipes Your Kids will Adore

Any parent will attest, the best recipes are ones that their kids will happily gobble up. Sometimes all it takes is a little pizazz and imagination to turn a boring meal into something fun and finger-licking good! Our little ones are crazy for these cute suggestions – give them a try and tell us your favorites below!

Hot Diggity Drivin’ Dogs

Watch out – these meals on wheels will really get the kids excited for dinner. Toothpicks are the secret to keeping the veggie tires on these tiny edible vehicles. Simply slice up some cucumbers and tomato, line your dog with mustard (or whatever condiments the littles prefer), and serve them with an “on your mark, get set, GO!”
Grab Vienna Beef Franks here.


Today we’re taking a submarine trip under the sea, where the beloved Octo-Dog can be found in its natural habitat. Kids love these quirky hot dogs and will be absolutely flipping for more! All you need are your favorite Vienna Beef franks, and a knife for slicing. Make three cuts on each side of the hot dog in order to make the “legs”, leaving a little space at the top for the head. Two dots of your favorite condiment for the eyes are the finishing touch!

Mummy Dogs

This recipe will have the little ones wrapped up and excited to get cooking! With a little help from their “mummy”, these fun treats will be done and ready to eat in no time. Getting started is as easy as wrapping some pastry or pizza dough around each Vienna Beef hot dog, then sticking them in a 425º oven for 20 mins to cook. Don’t forget some space to add the eyeballs – we used edible peepers but mustard and some relish work just as well! Don’t forget some Vienna Beef condiments for dipping.