Hot Dog University provides not only the finest classroom instruction and materials but also the unique opportunity to put the classroom theory into practice.

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Meet Mark Reitman and Bill Murphy and your fellow students and find out exactly what Hot Dog U is all about.
Hot Dogs 101
Explore the hot dog business, the products involved, permits and licenses, and how you can begin to think about the practicals of your new business.
bring your appetite!
Over the course, there will be multiple opportunities to taste a variety of our products!
Exploration of the course outline from HDU manual
The Hot Dog University Manual will be a resource for you both during the class and beyond. The manual is filled with important information and worksheets to help you launch your business, as well as contact information for some key vendors and government agencies.

Day Two:

Tour of A restaurant supply facility
As the owner of a food service business, you will need to navigate your local restaurant supply store quickly and efficiently. This tour of Chicago's premiere vendor of restaurant supplies will familiarize you with the products you will need to have on hand and the purchasing process.
Equipment lesson
An overview of how to operate needed equipment.
You'll have an opportunity to go over the course and ask any questions you might have about the business, the materials, and the selling process.
Processing and evaluation
Here at Hot Dog University, we want to be sure that your experience is as valuable as possible. We ask every student to give us feedback about the course so that we can continue to provide the very best training and materials. View TELECOMMUNICATION class dates and register here