February 9, 2021

Valentine’s Day Snack Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow, you’re probably already scheming up what to do for your loved one this year. While it might be tradition to gift chocolate for this love-filled holiday, who wouldn’t want to receive a Vienna Beef-themed Valentine? Below we’ve rounded up some of our favorite love-filled treats for you to make this Valentine’s Day.

Heart Shaped Vienna Beef Spicy Smoked Sausages

You don’t need to have a million different kitchen utensils to make these heart-shaped sausages! Simply cook up a package of Vienna Beef Spicy Smoked Sausages and once cool, slice them in half at an angle. Connect the two ends with a toothpick and voila — you have the perfect Valentine’s Day lunch! We recommend pairing with your favorite toppings — Sport Peppers, Relish, Yellow Mustard — and sides, like cheese cubes, or chips.

Vienna Beef Hard Salami, Cheese and Crackers

This salami treat is the perfect Valentine’s Day treat for the little ones! Slice some Vienna Beef hard salami into rounds and then once again into half-circles. Next, take a block of cheddar cheese and cut into heart-shaped pieces ( we recommend using a small cookie cutter for this step). Layer both on top of your favorite crackers for an appetizer or the perfect lunch.

Vienna Beef Heart Shaped Hot Dog

Here’s another take on the heart-shaped sausage. For this heart-shaped treat, take a Vienna Beef hot dog (any size or casing will do) and slice down the middle, almost to the end. Leave about ½ of an inch unsliced. Next, fold the hot dog slices over, away from the cut in the middle and secure at the bottom with a toothpick. 

How will you be spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with Vienna Beef?