July 20, 2021

The Differences Between Each Vienna Beef Frank

When you bite into a Vienna Beef Frank, there’s no mistaking that familiar ‘snap.’ Always firm and juicy, it’s easy to tell our Franks apart from competitors. That’s because we use fresh domestic beef and trimmings and feature no antibiotics, hormones, fillers, artificial colors, or flavorings. 

But did you know that we offer a variety of widths, lengths, and casings for our hot dogs? That’s right! While they all feature similar ingredients and that same signature taste, there are a few key differences between our most popular hot dogs. Below we’re giving you the 4-1-1 on the three most popular Vienna Beef Franks.

Vienna Beef Franks

The one and only! These Franks are the ones you will probably see most often at your local grocery store or Vienna Beef stand. Our Franks are made with rich, red bull meat, sweet brisket trimmings, and spiced according to our original 1893 recipe. They come 8 to a pack and are the perfect base for your Chicago Style Hot Dog!

Vienna Beef Jumbo Franks

Our Jumbo Franks are identical in taste and ingredients to our Franks. The only difference? Well, these ones are jumbo sized! And as we all know, more meat means more to love. As always, these too are made with the original 1893 recipe. We recommend using these as a base for a Chili Cheese Dog for a protein-packed meal.

Vienna Beef Frankfurters

Looking for extra snap and bite in your hot dog? Look no further! Thanks to the natural casing on these, our Frankfurters offer even more of that signature snap our fans love. These Hot Dogs are a little big longer and skinnier than our Franks at about 6 inches long. You’ll find similar Franks at establishments like Gene & Jude’s.

Which Vienna Beef Frank is your favorite?