September 24, 2022

Oktoberfest Essentials

Can’t get to an official Oktoberfest celebration this year? No worries – just pull out your lederhosen and grab a few of your favorite Bavarian brews to celebrate at home with friends. While beer might be the focus of a typical Oktoberfest celebration, you can’t forget to round up your favorite snacks to munch on as well. Below we’ve compiled a list of Vienna Beef must-haves to finish off your Bavarian-inspired party. 


Vienna Beef Bratwurst

Vienna Beef Bratwurst and beer – you couldn’t name a more iconic duo if you tried! Bratwurst are the perfect sausage to pair with the lighter ales of Bavaria. An old-time German favorite, our skinless hickory-smoked Brats are brimming with flavor. For extra German flare, prepare the Bratwursts by boiling them in one of your favorite beers and serve alongside some Sauerkraut. Your tastebuds will thank you!

Vienna Beef Polish Sausage

Another great sausage option for your gathering, Vienna Beef Polish Sausage are flavorful and feature that iconic Vienna Beef snap. Try them with grilled onions, a dab of Vienna Yellow Mustard, and some Vienna Sport Peppers for a Chicago classic, the Maxwell Street Polish Sausage. Just be careful not to get any Yellow Mustard on your lederhosen or dirndl. Grab some here

Vienna Düsseldorf Mustard

The perfect Mustard anytime of year, but especially during Oktoberfest! Pair this tangy condiment with Vienna Beef Polish Sausage, Vienna Beef Bratwurst, or Vienna Beef Salami for a take on a traditional Bavarian pub meal. 

Vienna Beef Oktoberfest Kit

Enjoy the flavors of Oktoberfest at your celebration and all year-long with this delicious kit. Featuring Vienna Hard Salami, dried for 30 days, and Vienna Düsseldorf Mustard, our Oktoberfest kit will have your tastebuds thinking you took a one-way flight to Munich in just one bite. Order today here.