July 7, 2022

National Hot Dog Month

Did you know the average American eats approximately 60 hot dogs a year?! And we have a feeling that the average Chicagoan eats that many Vienna Beef Hot Dogs just during baseball season alone. With National Hot Dog Month finally here, there’s no better time to celebrate one of America’s favorite foods! Here’s everything you need to know to properly celebrate National Hot Dog Month the Vienna Beef way.  

The History of National Hot Dog Month

Hot Dogs were brought to America sometime in the 1800’s from European countries like Austria and Germany. Vienna Beef was founded in 1893 when Austrian-Hungarian immigrants Emil Reichek and Samual Ladany brought their special recipe to the Columbian Exposition/World’s Fair. Of course, everyone loved it and Vienna Beef was born! Fast forward to 1901, Tad Dorgan heard vendors at a polo game selling “dachshund sausages,” Dorgan didn’t know how to spell dachshund, so he coined the term “Hot Dog.” In July of 1956, the US Chamber of Commerce celebrated the first National Hot Dog Month. The following year, July was officially recognized as National Hot Dog Month.

How To Celebrate National Hot Dog Month

Like many Hot Dog lovers, we are thrilled to celebrate with you this month! There are many ways we can think of to celebrate the holiday month, but here are a few of our top picks.

Have a Cookout with Vienna Beef Hot Dogs

Invite all of our family and friends over to celebrate the occasion. Each guest can customize their hot dog to their liking with a plethora of topping options to pick from. Place your order for a Vienna Beef Hot Dog Party Pack today!

Have a Hot Dog Eating Competition

A perfect addition to your cookout. Simply grill up some additional Dogs, find some hungry participants, and crown your winner! Make sure to pick up a Limited Time Only Vienna Beef YETI Tumbler for the winner of your competition.

Visit Your Local Vienna Beef Stand

This one might be our favorite on the list – try an authentic Chicago Style Dog! Find a local restaurant or stand serving Vienna Beef here.

We hope your National Hot Dog Month celebrations are nothing short of spectacular and include lots of Vienna Beef Dogs. What will you be doing to celebrate this very special occasion?