January 13, 2022

National Gluten-Free Day

Did you know? January 13th is National Gluten-Free Day! With approximately ⅓ of Americans trying to avoid gluten, either due to lifestyle choices or intolerance, we’re proud to offer gluten-free choices for those who need. Check out some of the most popular gluten-free items we offer below!

Beef Franks and Polish Sausage 

That’s right – you can still observe a gluten-free lifestyle and enjoy Chicago Style hot dogs! Just swap out the poppy seed bun for your favorite gluten-free alternative and you’re good to go. Or, top it off with our Numero Uno Chili, or keep it simple with just some Yellow Mustard. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this protein-packed frank! Purchase them here.

Similar to the Beef Franks, our Polish Sausage is another great gluten-free option for cookouts, tailgates, and more! Purchase them here.


Lunch time just got a lot easier! Our Pastrami is another great gluten-free protein option. While you can eat it on its own, we recommend pairing it with a gluten-free wrap, cheese of your choice, and your favorite sandwich toppings. You can thank us later!


Our skinless hickory-smoked premium beef brats are brimming with flavor and no gluten! Similar to both the Beef Franks and Polish Sausage, we just recommend pairing them with a gluten-free bun and your favorite gluten-free toppings. And while we normally recommend pairing them with your beer of choice, in this instance we recommend going for your favorite cider.

Corned Beef

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, we are pleased to say that our Corned Beef is also gluten free! You should start seeing this seasonal item pop up in stores and delis near you very soon so don’t miss out.