November 15, 2021

How to Build the Perfect Sandwich

Sandwich-making is as much about the ingredients you use as it is about how you stack and use them. If you ask us, learning how to build a mouthwatering sandwich is practically an art form. It puts basic cooking skills to the test – sourcing great ingredients, correctly sizing each ingredient to ensure each bite is well-balanced and delicious – to make something seemingly ordinary, extraordinary. 

Here are our tips and tricks to building the perfect sandwich. 

Start with a good base

As with anything, if you want it to be great, you need to have an excellent foundation. Choosing a great bread is the only way to ensure a really great sandwich. Anything from a local baker, such as a loaf of sourdough or ciabatta, will do the trick. Pre-sliced bread from the grocery store can work in a pinch, but we find it can often lack depth and gets soggy rather quick. 

Source quality ingredients

Now that you’ve secured a great base for your sandwich, it’s important that the rest of the ingredients are just as high-quality! Quality meat and cheese can make the difference between an okay sandwich and a sandwich you dream about for weeks to come. We recommend trying out either Vienna Beef Pastrami or Corned Beef. Both are high quality deli meats, packed with flavor. With either, when you order at your local deli counter, ask for it shaved, to ensure the meat doesn’t fall out of the sandwich with each bite. 

Choose a good mustard

A good mustard is one that enhances the flavor of all other ingredients, without overpowering it. Creamier mustards just dull down all of the flavors, and strong mustards like dijon or spicy brown just overpower the sandwich. You need to find a more mild option, like Vienna Yellow Mustard. Offering a mild yet slightly acidic flavor, this mustards melds with all other sandwich ingredients to create a symphony of flavors. 

Ensure equal bites

When it comes to assembling your sandwich, ensuring you’ll get an equal amount of each ingredient in every bite is crucial. Evenly distribute all of the ingredients throughout the sandwich for an enjoyable eating experience. 

The right order

And of course, there is a correct order to assemble your sandwich as well. Once you’ve sliced and toasted your bread slightly, you’ll need to apply an even layer of the Yellow Mustard. Next, goes the meat. Since the meat is the most likely to slide around while you eat, placing it on top of the mustard helps it act as a glue of sorts. After will come the slices of cheese and next the vegetables. And don’t forget — adding a quick dash of Vienna Celery Salt helps kick all of the flavors a bit.