April 23, 2014

Hot Dog Richie’s Inducted Into the Vienna Beef Hall of Fame

Jason Marzullo has been at the helm of Hot Dog Ritchie’s perpetuating the name and neighborhood icon status since 1999. Originally started up by Rich Smith in 1975 as a northwest suburban fast food oasis; he would be very surprised and proud at the impact created by the 3 future owner / operators, particularly the passion for the business displayed by Jason; not to mention the tremendous seating and kitchen expansion.

Many regular customers refer to the place as ‘HDR’ with its tag line of “when you’re here you’re here, and when you’re not you should be”. Jason’s HDR has been acclaimed as the best thin crust sausage pizza and best hot dog in Palatine and is always supportive of the community events and needs such as ‘Rosie’s Toy Box Cancer Fund and supporting local sports, from Celtic Soccer to Palatine Youth Football. Once inside Hot Dog Ritchie’s, regulars and newbies love the menu and it’s variety, which also includes Vienna’s corned beef and pastrami as well as hot dogs and polish sausages; while burgers beef and gyros are on the radar of many. You can always check out the entire menu and what’s going on by visiting www.myhotdogrichies.com.

Jason Marzullo, owner of Hot Dog Richie’s, is presented with his Hall of Fame award.

Now it’s Vienna’s turn to say thanks to Jason and the Marzullo family and staff and welcome Hot Dog Richie’s to the Vienna Beef Hall of Fame. it is a recognition of a hot dog restaurant operation being a passionate and positive part of the Foodservice community in product and community for over a quarter century. From all of us at Vienna, congratulations to Hot Dog Ritchie’s and best wishes for much continued success.