December 8, 2022

Holiday Party Finger Foods

With the holidays quickly approaching, and a full calendar of social events before us, bringing a festive treat to your next party should be the least of your worries! When you bring Vienna Beef, there’s not way you won’t be the talk of the party. 

Hot Dog Stockings

These treats are easy to eat, and easy to prepare! Serving them on toothpicks or skewers makes for an easy to grab snack that is brimming with holiday spirit. 


-1 Pack of Vienna Beef Franks

-1 16 oz block of plain Cream Cheese

-10 Skewers 


Prepare Hot Dogs according to package instructions or to preference. Cut one inch off each end of the Hot Dog diagonally. Assemble the stockings on the top of the skewer with the diagonal ends facing each other. Apply a layer of Cream Cheese to the top of the stocking with a spatula. Serve and enjoy! 

Reindeer Hot Dogs

Here’s a holiday spin on an everyday favorite. These reindeer Hot Dogs are almost as cute as Rudolph! 


-1 package of Crescent Rolls

-1 package of Vienna Beef Hot Dogs 

-Candy eyes


Roll the Crescent Rolls into balls. Slice the ends of your hot dogs off. Cut small discs of the Hot Dog for your reindeer noses. Create a hole in the center of the Crescent Roll ball and put your “noses” inside wrapping the uncooked roll around it. Take longer pieces of the hot dog and slice in half and cut those halves into halves. Then slice those pieces half way to make “antlers”. Complete the reindeer shape and bake according to package directions. Add the eyes for the finishing touch and enjoy! 

Pickle Dip

For all the Pickle lovers out there, this dip will keep you coming back for seconds, thirds, and maybe even fourths! Packed with a strong Pickle Flavor and a bit of a tang–this dip is fool proof for your next party. Find the full recipe for our Pickle Dip here. 

Which recipe will you be bringing this holiday season?