May 27, 2021

Happy National Italian Beef Day!

Grab your napkins and bring your appetite because National Italian Beef Day is here! Celebrate the juiciest, most mouthwatering day of the year by grabbing a Vienna Beef Italian Beef Sandwich. If you’re local to Chicago, you can find a Vienna Beef stand that serves Italian Beef near you here. Looking to celebrate out of town or make some Italian Beef at home? No worries, you can shop our Vienna Beef Italian Beef Kit here. Keep reading to discover some of our favorite ways to prepare and dress Italian Beef sandwiches. 

Ways to Prepare

Preparing our Italian Beef at home is as easy as 1-2-3! Whether you purchase the deli meat on our website or at your local grocery store, our Italian Beef comes already cooked and just needs to thaw. Fully heat the gravy in a large saucepan or steam table before adding the beef. Add beef slices to the saucepan and heat until it is hot. Be careful: Overcooking can lead to a loss of tenderness! 

We recommend picking up a package of Turano French Rolls as well if you are purchasing the Italian Beef in-store. 

Once your beef is properly cooked, the topping possibilities are endless! For a classic Italian Beef Sandwich, we recommend topping with a few scoops of our Vienna Beef Giardiniera — Hot or Mild is up to you!

Another popular way to prepare your Italian Beef sammie is to top with some sweet peppers! Simply cut a green bell pepper into slices, and saute in a pan with some olive oil. Once the peppers have browned a bit, they’re ready for topping! Add some mozzarella cheese to the sandwich as well for some extra flavor. 

And of course, don’t forget to dunk the bread in the Italian Beef juice before serving!