July 13, 2021

Happy National Hot Dog Month!

When you think of summer, one of the first things that comes to mind is Vienna Beef Hot Dogs. After all, what is warmer weather without baseball and cookouts? And while Hot Dogs can be enjoyed year-round, there’s something about summer sun and a Hot Dog in hand that cannot be beat! Especially in July during National Hot Dog Month!

The History Behind National Hot Dog Month

By now, you probably know that hot dogs were introduced in the 19th century when German immigrants brought their culinary traditions with them to America. Vienna Beef got its start in 1893 when over 27 million people flocked to the Columbian Exposition/ World’s Fair in Chicago to witness the latest inventions, including our Hot Dogs. But while the history of hot dogs is well known, the same cannot be said about National Hot Dog Month. While there are disputing accounts on how or why National Hot Dog Month was created, we do know it was created as a nod to the National Hot Dog Council. 

How to Celebrate

Celebrating National Hot Dog Month is as simple as picking up a pack of Vienna Beef Franks from your local grocery store or stopping by a Vienna Beef stand near you. And in the dog days of summer, don’t forget to drag your dog through the garden!