June 14, 2022

Father’s Day Merch Gift Guide

When we think Father’s Day, the first thing that comes to mind is all of the Vienna Beef gifts and goodies that are sure to win Dad over. It’s not that hard to be the favorite child, because our gift guide is here to show you exactly what’s on Dad’s list. 

Golf Club Cover 

Personally, we think this Golf Club Cover is too good to pass up for Dad this year. There’s no doubt in our mind that he’ll be the coolest cat on the course when he pulls up with a Chicago Style Dog popping out of his golf bag. And, every headcover is lined with polyester for ultimate safeguarding and elasticized to ensure a secure fit.


“Out of The Dog House” Autographed Copy

History buffs, this ones for you! Dive into the backstory of a Chicago staple and the American dream all wrapped up into one restaurant. Portillo’s was started by one man with a dream in a trailer with no running water or bathroom. More than 50 years and 65 locations later, this iconic Chicagoland restaurant is a staple famous for making perfect Chicago Style Hot Dogs. Gift Dad his own autographed copy of “Out of The Dog House” this Father’s Day and learn the incredible story of Dick Portillo and our beloved Chicago restaurant chain, Portillo’s.

Vienna Beef Apron

Picture this: hot summer day– Hot Dogs on deck, Beer in hand, and Dad’s got his Vienna Beef Apron on manning the grill with a swagger not any of us could match. Are you seeing it yet? If not it’s probably because you haven’t gotten Dad the classic attire needed to complete the vision. Gift Dad an apron and you might just get yourself a bbq!

Whatever you choose to surprise Dad with this Father’s Day, we know it’ll be a hit.
Plus, to celebrate Father’s Day we’re gifting you with a free insulated Vienna Beef Lunch Box with any perishable purchase order! Use code “TFMEBC” to claim yours today and start shopping here.