REUBEN Grilled Cheese

Treat yourself with this easy Reuben Grilled Cheese sandwich featuring Turano’s Rustic Rye and Vienna’s Corned Beef. It’s delicious, easy to make, and is perfect for the upcoming St. Paddy’s celebration!

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Reuben Eggs Benedict

Start your day the right way with Vienna Beef and Turano! This classic egg benedict features Vienna Corned Beef and Turano’s English Muffins! This simple recipe will be the perfect breakfast for St. Paddy’s Day!

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Find Turano Bread at a Grocery Store Near You!

Turano’s Rustic Rye is traditionally baked on a hearth-stone oven to give the bread an authentic crispy crunch with a soft interior that’s perfect for your St. Paddy’s celebration. Find Turano’s Rustic Rye as well as our wide assortment of delicious and high-quality breads, buns, and rolls at your local grocery store today.



Find Vienna Beef at a Grocery Store Near You!

Vienna® Corned Beef is made from grain-fed beef and hand-trimmed. The pickled brisket is raw corned beef that is cured in brine and ready-to-cook. Corned Beef briskets are tender, moist and flavorful, perfect for hot or cold sandwiches.



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