Vienna Beef Updates!
Vienna Beef Updates!
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We receive many questions, comments, and requests about our company and products. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Do Vienna Beef natural casing products have either pork/hog or sheep casings?

Vienna Beef sausage products are not manufactured to comply with any religious dietary restrictions and our natural casing products are manufactured using hog or sheep casings.

Where can I buy Vienna Beef products?

Click on Where to Buy and Eat for hot dog stand accounts and retail locations.

Click on Shop Now for to view our online store. 

Does Vienna Beef make more than hot dogs?

Vienna Beef, Ltd is much more than just a hot dog company. Our sausage line includes polish sausage, knockwurst, cheddar franks, bageldogs, corn dogs, chicken sausages, salami & bologna. We also offer a full deli meat line up, including corned beef, roast beef, Italian beef, BBQ beef brisket, pastrami and turkey breast pastrami. Vienna manufactures pickles and condiments under the Chipico brand. We also manufacture soup and chili under the Bistro soup and Vienna Beef Chili brands. 

Why are Vienna Beef products different from the rest?

Vienna Beef offers premium beef sausage and deli meats. Rigid, time-tested recipes are followed to the "T" each and every batch. Our success comes from honoring the work ethic of three generations. Our sausages contain no fillers or artificial flavorings. There is only one U.S.D.A. establishment #1! We guard it with pride.

What methods are used to ensure product safety at Vienna Beef?

Vienna Beef is a HAACP (food safety program) approved manufacturing facility, implementing a sanitation program in which critical areas are checked and inspected multiple times daily. Manufacturing equipment is cleaned and sanitized daily according to a written sanitation procedure. A skilled and trained quality control lab monitors manufacturing conditions while ensuring product consistency every day. A very select few manufacturing companies have been SQF 2000 Level Two certified. We are proud to be included in this class. This certification recognizes our sanitation, record keeping and accountability to the industry we serve. These steps assure that Vienna Beef products are fit to feed your family. Using the highest quality ingredients and adhering to our strict manufacturing guidelines gives us this confidence.

Are Vienna Beef products kosher?
No, Vienna Beef products are not kosher.
How do I get ingredient statements and nutritional information on your products?

We have current and updated spec sheets available at our corporate office for all of our products. Please call our main number, 773-278-7800 and ask for customer service. In addition, you can fill out an online form (link below) to contact a customer service representative. 

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How many hot dogs did Vienna Beef produce in 2014?

Vienna Beef manufactured approximately 104,145,480 individual hot dogs and polish sausage in our Chicago, IL USDA Establishment #1 Facility.

What are Vienna’s most popular products?

Hot Dogs, Polish Sausage, Turkey Breast Pastrami, Corned Beef Brisket, Chipico Pickles and Vienna Chili.

How many pickles did Chipico make in 2014?

Pucker up! Would you believe 165 million whole pickles?