What Vienna Beef Product Are You Based on Your Favorite Holiday Movie

What Vienna Beef Product Are You Based on Your Favorite Holiday Movie

‘Tis the season to watch holiday movies on repeat all day long! There’s a lot your favorite holiday movie says about you and your personality. Perhaps you’re the Scrooge of your friend group or you are the real-life version of Buddy the Elf. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of the most popular holiday movies and the Vienna Beef product we’d recommend if that’s your favorite! Get to know yourself and your taste buds better below. 
Home Alone 
You’re someone who is very nostalgic -- a true kid at heart! You still believe that booby traps can conquer evil and are always plotting something fun. We recommend you try our Mini BagelDogs! They’re the perfect snack or meal for the kid in you. And who knows, maybe they’d make an excellent booby trap, too. 

Another kid at heart, you believe magic is everywhere and you’re always the first person to spot it. You are a glass half full kind of person. You need a Vienna Beef product that offers magic in every bite. Heck, maybe even something a little sweet, like say, caramelized onions? Enter our Maxwell Street Polish Sausage.

It’s a Wonderful Life
You are an old soul, someone who really appreciates the classics. In fact, we bet your favorite version of this movie is the black-and-white one. After all, why mess with a good thing? You need a Vienna Beef item that’s as classic and sophisticated as you! That’s why we recommend going with the Chicago Style Hot Dog.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
You are predominantly disaster prone. If you haven’t spilled your coffee on yourself yet today, it’s a miracle. You need a Vienna Beef product that’s simple and easy -- after all, there are so many factors that could go wrong! That’s why we recommend our Hard Salami, a classic that’s easily adaptable should you somehow run into trouble with the original recipe you planned.

A Christmas Story
Another one who loves the classics, your go-to radio station is 70s rock and you still have your vintage Levis proudly hanging in your closet. You need something that transports you to the ‘good old days’ just like the yearly 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story does. Our Italian Beef will do just the trick!