December 27, 2022

Why You Need Regular and Mini BagelDogs

It’s no secret that Vienna Beef BagelDogs are a must have when it comes to stocking up the fridge. But sometimes we’re tasked with the question, “Should we get regular sized or mini BagelDogs?” We’re here to tell you that you no longer have to make that choice, from here on out you’ll be bringing home both sizes of BagelDogs. 

Mini BagelDogs

The ultimate finger food, the fool proof party snack. Vienna Beef Mini BagelDogs are dippable, snackable, and most of all delectable. No party is complete without a tray of these mini Dogs out on the table surrounded by a variety of sauces. Need a midday snack? Mini BagelDogs. Looking for a great appetizer? Mini BagelDogs. Packing tomorrow’s lunch? Mini BagelDogs. 

Regular BagelDogs

Now that we’ve covered the mini’s, let’s move on to their older sibling the Regular BagelDog. These showstoppers combine the two traditional tastes in a way that only Vienna Beef can. Our signature Vienna Beef Frank is wrapped in delicious Bagel Dough and baked to golden brown perfection. For those times that the Mini BagelDogs just won’t fill you up enough pop in a few Regular BagelDogs in the oven and enjoy. 

Have we convinced you? Shop Mini BagelDogs and Regular BagelDogs today on the Vienna Beef online store.