October 17, 2022

What Vienna Beef Product you are Based on Your Favorite Halloween Movie

Halloween is right around the corner and things are getting spooky at Vienna Beef. 👻 We know you all have your favorites when it comes to haunted movies, but did you know that your favorite Halloween movie says more about you than you’d think? We’ve outlined a few of our favorite movies for October and which Vienna Beef product you are based on them. 

Hocus Pocus – Beef Stix

This one is an ode to our favorite three witches… and their wands. We can’t help but think about our tender, zesty, and smokey beef stix whenever they cast a spell! If you have a thing for these wonderful witches, then we’re happy to let you know you also have phenomenal taste in Beef. 😉

The Addams Family – Polish Sausage

 The only fraudulent thing about our Polish Sausages is that the packaging doesn’t say you’re guaranteed to come back for seconds. 🌭There’s no ‘Fester’ quality in sight when it comes to a classic Polish topped with your Vienna Beef favs. When you click on The Addams Family on October 31st, you better have a steamy plate of Polish Sausage right beside you! 

Beetlejuice – Hot Giardiniera 

The only thing scarier than Beetlejuice is that moment when you accidentally bite down on a pepper in your Hot Giardiniera. Like the rambunctious spirit himself, this spicy pickled topping is the clear product counterpart to favoring Beetlejuice. Our Giardiniera even has that green glow down! 

The Nightmare Before Christmas – Mini Bagel Dogs

We have to give a shoutout to everyone’s favorite Halloween pooch – Zero. If your go-to Halloween movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas then you give off major Mini BagelDog energy. Just like Zero you’re loyal, adorable, and dependable. A shining star in our eyes and Jack Skellington’s. 💫

Ghostbusters – Frankfurters

Much like these four Ghostbusters, a properly prepared Frankfurter can bring you into another dimension. We suggest skipping NYC and heading right for a Chicago Style topping. We hear it’s getting pretty wild over there with all those ghosts, you know. If your favorite Halloween movie is Ghostbusters, then you’re definitely a classic Frankfurter. 


When you’re celebrating this Halloween, do it with Vienna Beef! Shop our online store today and pair these favorites with your go-to movie this Halloween.