April 11, 2017

Vienna Beef Welcomes Markella’s Gyros to the Hot Dog Hall of Fame

After honing their restaurant skills at Ashland Gyros from 1977 into the 90’s, Robert and Miriam Sarantopulos opened Markella’s Gyros in Oak Forest in 1994. Named after their daughter, Markella’s has become an iconic neighborhood favorite. Voted as having the best burger in the area; and known for their Vienna Beef hot dogs, Ditka “monster” polish sausages, and, of course, their gyros; it’s easy to understand how people keep coming back.

As Miriam points out, “We care about all of our customers and make them feel welcome.” They are inspirational with that recipe for success; serving great food, caring for their customers and being an active part of the community. Markella’s helps sponsor Down in the Southland, which supports Down Syndrome children events. In addition, they are active with Oak Forest Cheerleading, VFW Ladies Auxiliary and other community service projects. Robert and Miriam have been dedicated to their restaurant and community from the very beginning and those values have been passed down to their daughter, Markella, who works and manages alongside them.

These are some of the reasons why Vienna Beef feels so strongly about acknowledging these deserving foodservice businesses. Therefore, it is with great pride that we thank and welcome Markella’s Gyros into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame. From all of us at Vienna, we wish Robert, Miriam and Markella much continued success.