February 26, 2019

Vienna Beef Welcomes Man-Jo-Vin’s Into the Hall of Fame

In 1953, three brothers; Manny, Joe and Vince Nuccio, started up a new restaurant called Man-Jo-Vin’s Drive-In near what would be later called Roscoe Village on Chicago’s Northside. They originally sold pizza, Vienna Beef hot dogs, and other menu specialties as business took off. The brothers eventually hired Nunzio Miceli, a young energetic Sicilian immigrant. Nunzio had a feel for the business and in 1973, bought the restaurant and property. Along with his two sons Tony and Al, they gradually tweaked the menu and kept up with the changing times and neighborhood. Eventually, Al Miceli and his wife Sandy took over and continued to grow the business as well as their family. Their two daughters, Kristina and Allison, and a son Matthew, all earned their stripes working there, but eventually continued to follow their own careers.

In 2005, after over five decades in business, Man-Jo-Vin’s chose to close to make room for a new condo building in this fast-growing community. Customers filed in to pay homage to this neighborhood food icon as a statement of the good times and its importance to the generations who grew up there. But wait! After the building was completed, there was room on the ground level to rebuild Man-Jo-Vin’s. Al and Sandy went back to work and eventually brought in a young teenage associate, named Giselle. They continued selling their Vienna Beef hot dogs and sausages along with their well-known burgers, beef, shakes and much more as they remain a part of this vibrant Roscoe Village community.

The Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame was created to honor hot dog operations that have achieved longevity and have developed into true neighborhood and city landmarks. Out of all the thousands of Vienna Beef customers, 128 have been recognized nationwide since the award was inaugurated back in 2006. It is with great pleasure and pride that we honor Man-Jo-Vin’s Restaurant as the 129th recipient of the Hot Dog Hall of Fame. From all of us at Vienna Beef, we thank and congratulate Al & Sandy Miceli and their staff and family who helped build this 66-year-old iconic landmark as an important part of the Chicago landscape.

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