September 25, 2018

Vienna Beef Welcomes Dan’s Hot Dogs Into the Hot Dog Hall of Fame

Dan’s Hot Dogs is a traditional neighborhood stand that thrives on good food. Tom Theodorou and his valued staff, including Danila Suarez, have been making friends and feeding customers for generations. Since opening their business in 1986, they have accumulated lifelong fans. They love seeing customers, who grew up eating Dan’s, now bring their children to enjoy a Vienna Beef Hot Dog.

Over the years, Dan’s became a reputable Chicago hot dog stand. Mayor Daley used to come by Dan’s or have his assistant pick up lunch for the offices and even some of the Barber Shop movie cast would stop in. Serving the local community isa priority for Dan’s, too. They have participated in charitable work with St. Ethelreda School. Most importantly, Dan’s always makes their customers feel good with a warm smile and delicious food.The Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame was created to honor hot dog operations that have achieved longevity and developed into neighborhood landmarks. Out of thousands of Vienna Beef customers over the years, we have recognized only 126 nationwide since the award was inaugurated in 2006. We are proud to welcome Dan’s Hot Dogs as the 126th recipient. Congratulations to Tom Theodorou and his family and staff.