July 18, 2018

Vienna Beef Inducts Dazzo’s Dog House Into the Hot Dog Hall of Fame

In 2006, Vienna Beef created an award to honor those unique hot dog operations that have achieved longevity and developed into neighborhood landmarks. The newest inductee is Dazzo’s Dog House, in Glendale, Arizona. Dazzo’s started carrying Vienna products in 1979 and has been proudly serving locals and vacationers from across the country ever since.

Growing up in the Chicago area, Frank and Ron Dazzo had always been in awe of those great Chicago hot dog stands 🌭 and had dreamed of owning and operating their own stand one day. After working outdoors most of their young adult life with those crazy weather swings in Chicago, they ultimately took their future to Arizona where they pursued their dream in 1979. Now almost 40 years later, their Chicago hot dog stand is thriving, and Vienna Beef is proud to be on their menu. Dazzo’s has become a fixture in the fast-growing Glendale area.

The Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame was created to honor hot dog operations that have achieved longevity and have developed into true neighborhood landmarks; one of which Vienna Beef is proud to highlight today. Out of thousands of Vienna Beef customers, only 122 have been recognized since the award was first created. Our 123rd addition is Dazzo’s Dog House in Glendale, Arizona.

It is Vienna’s turn to acknowledge, thank, and congratulate the entire Dazzo family and staff and welcome Dazzo’s Doghouse into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame. From all of us at Vienna, we wish Dazzo’s much-continued success.