October 17, 2018

Vienna Beef Enshrines Michael’s Beef House Into the Hot Dog Hall of Fame

Michael’s Beef House in Oak Park has a storied history involving several operators building and rebuilding it into a jewel of the community. Originally, Michael Sicurella honed his building and operating skills by starting up, briefly running, and selling the now famous Roma’s Beef on North Cicero in Chicago. Soon after, Michael started building a new place called Michael’s Beef House; and this time he spent the next 20 years enjoying and building up a great neighborhood business featuring his homemade Italian beef and Vienna Beef hot dogs. In 1997, he sold the business and the property to Peter Frontier, who did a fine job perpetuating what Michael had begun and continued to run it for the next decade until he decided to lease the business to a couple of different operators. But a few years ago, it was time for a change. Peter found Pete Romas who for the past two decades was the driving force behind the well-known Wolfy’s Hot Dogs on Peterson Avenue in Chicago.

Pete Romas gave the place a complete makeover, updating everything from the electrical to the interior décor. Over the past couple of years, with the new look and expanded menu, Pete has captured the essence of what made this place noteworthy from the beginning. With their great beef recipe, Vienna Beef hot dogs and other menu specialties, he has recreated a great go-to place to eat in or carry out.

It’s with their interesting history and awesome perseverance bringing this 40-year old neighborhood fixture back that has given Vienna Beef the momentum to honor Michael’s Beef House with induction into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame. It also gives us the opportunity to pay homage to three great operators, the late Michael Sicurella, Peter Frontiere, and Pete Romas who have made their contribution. The Vienna Beef Hall of Fame was created to honor hot dog operations that have achieved longevity and developed into neighborhood landmarks. Out of thousands of Vienna Beef customers, we have recognized 126 nationwide since the award was inaugurated in 2006. We are proud to welcome Michael’s Beef House as the 127th recipient.

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