April 17, 2018

Vienna® Beef Awards Plush Pup with Hall of Fame Induction

The Vienna® Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame was created to honor hot dog operations that have achieved longevity and developed into true neighborhood landmarks. We are proud to be able to highlight on these establishments. Out of thousands of Vienna® Beef customers, only 118 have been recognized since 2006. Our 119th addition is Plush Pup in Chicago, Illinois.

It has been four decades since Plush Pup has embraced the scenery on Chicago’s northwest side. Creating a popular neighborhood hot dog stand in a fast moving environment is no small chore. For the past fifteen years, George Bistolis has made it his priority to perpetuate this pleasant home of some of Chicago’s favorite comfort foods. From Vienna® Beef products to their burgers, chicken, and Greek specialties; George and his staff have been the model of consistency for generations of customers that keep coming back.

To George, his customers and staff are his celebrities day in and day out. Some of the staff has even worked at Plush Pup for over thirty years. Quality, cleanliness, and hard work are more than words to George and his folks; they are the foundation of this restaurants continued success. Being open seven days a week and until late nights most days gives people in the area a first class opportunity to check them out.

Now in our 125th year, it’s Vienna® Beef’s turn to acknowledge and thank George Bistolis, his family, and staff for their passion and hard work. We proudly welcome Plush Pup into the Vienna® Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame.