March 16, 2020

Responding to Coronavirus

To Vienna Beef Friends and Family,

Here is an update on our efforts to combat the challenges produced by the COVID-19 virus.

Vienna Beef is focused on three things:

FOOD SAFETY – We are maintaining our level of cleanliness to make safe and wholesome product for consumers. This includes a constant analysis of changing methods to keep food contact surfaces and the environment clean and sanitary. Good Manufacturing Practices including handwashing, hand sanitizers entering work areas, and the latest best practice procedures are being followed.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT – We anticipate customers may have business challenges over the next several weeks or months. We strive to support them with products and assistance so they can keep their businesses operational.

VIENNA BEEF TEAM SAFETY – Management has done a deep dive into every employee responsibility. We are creatively crafting an evolving plan to follow CDC recommendations, with the goal to maintain a healthy work environment. Recent innovative efforts include increasing sanitation efforts for equipment and individuals, prohibiting unnecessary travel, promoting remote work when possible, limiting face to face meetings, keeping departments separate, and being open to employee concerns.

As a result, Vienna Beef is still here operating and making the best food in the world. The demand has shifted from our traditional channels, but we are responding to needs as they occur. We remain optimistically poised to proactively solve issues as they arise.

In closing, we ask that you continue to support Vienna customers at this critical time.

Jack Bodman, CEO