December 12, 2022

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year is a symbol of new beginnings. As we approach the New Year, everyone is getting their list of resolutions ready to transform their lives in the new year. Each year, we try and make ourselves better than the year before

Eat More Hot Dogs:

Every year we add this to our list — and every year, we strive to outdo ourselves and push ourselves more than the year before. Obviously, we love hot dogs — especially Chicago Style. There’s something about those seven glorious toppings on a poppy seed bun that makes us so excited for the new year. 

Working up to Eating Spicy Giardiniera:

We’ll admit it, sometimes the Spicy Giardiniera is just a little too spicy. This year, we’re  challenging ourselves to venture into the delicious world of Spicy Giardiniera. To accomplish this goal, we have a fool-proof plan of action. We’ll begin by adding a small amount of Hot Giardiniera to the Mild Giardiniera and slowly work our way up from there until we’re comfortable eating the hot stuff.

Ending my Friendship with Ketchup Users:

This might be a hard one to hit, but it has to be brought up. In 2023 we’ll be slowly distancing ourselves from the people in our life that put ketchup on their hot dogs, it just doesn’t belong.


2023 will surely be one for the books and we are excited to embark on this new year filled with opportunities. Let us know some of your resolutions below.