February 23, 2021

Learn More About Our NEW Beer Cheese Soup

It’s chilly here in Chicago. And by chilly we mean downright freezing. It’s times like these that call for a bowl of something warm and filling. Enter our Bistro Soups and Chili by Vienna Beef’s Beer Cheese Soup! In case you missed it, we recently partnered with Revolution Brewing to release our brand new Beer Cheese Soup. A rich, and cheesy Midwestern favorite; this soup is slowly simmered cream with American and cheddar cheese, carrots, onions and featuring Revolution Brewing’s Rev Pils, a

Chicago Pilsner.

Curious to learn more about our Beer Cheese Soup and partnership with Revolution Brewing? Check out this Q&A with Revolution Brewing’s very own Communications Manager, John Carruthers.

Can you give us some background info on Revolution Brewing?

“Revolution Brewing is the largest independent brewery in Illinois (i.e. not owned by a parent company like Annheuser-Busch, Heineken, etc.), proudly brewing only in Chicago. Chairman of the Party Josh Deth started Revolution as a brewpub in Logan Square in February 2010 with the stated intent to become Chicago’s hometown brewery. We expanded to add a production facility a mile and a half away in Avondale in 2012. We currently sell beer to IL, WI, IN, MI, OH, NY (NYC only), NJ, MA, and TN (Nashville only).”

What are the qualities/flavor notes of the Rev Pils Beer?

“Rev Pils is our tribute to a legendary style, brewed traditionally. We buy all the ingredients for Rev Pils from German producers to produce a beer as authentic as possible. The body is light, bready, and crystal clear. The hops shine through with a lightly herbal (maybe even slightly minty, depending on the taster) and floral character before finishing with a refreshing snap of light bitterness.”

What is your background at Revolution Brewing? 

“I’m the communications manager here. I work on content production, social media programming, digital advertising, brand messaging, our partnerships, and probably a few other things I’m forgetting. It’s a lot of fun. I’ve been here since June 2018, when my position was created.” 

What inspired the collaboration with Vienna Beef?

“Revolution takes a lot of pride in being Chicago’s brewery. We plastered some billboards up to that effect over the summer. When another great Chicago company reaches out — and we would most definitely put [Vienna Beef] on the Chicago food and beer Mt. Rushmore — we’re always eager to find a cool way to team up.”

What makes the Rev Pils beer a great pairing for this soup? 

“The refreshing, crisp palate-cleansing effect of a good Pilsner is perfect for the rich, unctuous flavor of a classic beer cheese soup. It’s about as textbook a pairing as you can get.”