November 27, 2021

Journey from Cucumber to Pickle

Cool and crunchy, delightfully sour with the ability to go from a snack to a sandwich — what’s not to love about Pickles? Especially Vienna Pickles! If you’re familiar with Chicago Style Hot Dogs then you’re familiar with our dill-flavored Pickle Spears. But do you know how our Pickle Spears and other varieties come to be?

Pucker up, because today we’re walking you through the process of turning a cucumber into a Vienna Pickle. 

The Beginnings

Every great pickle begins with a really great cucumber. That’s right, folks — if you never knew before, pickles start out as regular old cucumbers! We process our cucumbers from our facilities in Florida and California. They’re harvested at peak freshness, ensuring that crisp taste and snap in each bite. We make sure to use the finest, most flavorful varieties of cucumbers to ensure the most flavor possible for our pickle recipe.