April 7, 2021

Happy National Beer Day!

Grab yourself a pint because it’s National Beer Day!

There are few things in life better than cracking open a cold beer at a sunny baseball game to wash down your Chicago Style hot dog. However, this year, we are excited to celebrate National Beer Day a little differently — with a bowl of our new Bistro Soups and Chili by Vienna Beef Beer Cheese Soup! This soup is a rich, and cheesy Midwestern favorite made with slowly simmered cream with American and cheddar cheese, carrots, onions and featuring Revolution Brewing’s Rev Pils, a Chicago Pilsner. One bite and you’ll be in flavor heaven!

And while our Beer Cheese Soup is great on its own, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pairings to share with you below, just in time for National Beer Day!

Loaded Beer Cheese Soup

A take on everyone’s favorite potato, to recreate this recipe at home, all you’ll need is a few pieces of cooked, chopped bacon and some chives. Prepare your Bistro Soups and Chili by Vienna Beef Cheese Soup according to directions, add the toppings, and enjoy!

Homemade Croutons

Let’s be honest — soup was made for crackers and croutons! To really take your Beer Cheese Soup to the next level, we recommend thinly slicing a baguette, brushing with olive oil, and seasoning with your favorite seasonings. We recommend Seasoning Salt or Italian Blend spices. Lightly toast in a toaster oven or oven, dip, and enjoy!

Tomato Sandwich 

You’ve heard of a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup but have you heard of a tomato sandwich with Beer Cheese Soup? It’s the classic you grew up loving, but reversed! Instead of lining your bread with slices of cheese, slather on some sundried tomato pesto and prepare as you would a normal grilled cheese. Your tastebuds will thank us later.

Snack Board

Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now and we think our Beer Cheese Soup would make the perfect addition! Simply prepare the soup according to the directions, pour in a bowl, and line the board with your favorite snacks for dipping! We recommend using pretzels, tortilla chips, broccoli, cauliflower, and crackers.