February 10, 2022

Fun Valentine’s Day Lunchbox Ideas

The sweetest holiday of the year is officially here! Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays because it’s a whole day dedicated to showing our loved ones we care. One of our favorite ways to show our love is through food. For your kids, one of the best ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with them is with a fun themed lunchbox! Here are some Vienna Beef Valentine’s Day-inspired lunchbox ideas you can use this year.

DIY Lunchable

This lunch is perfect for kids of all ages! All you need is Vienna Beef Soft Salami, your favorite crackers, and some Cheddar Cheese. Simply cut the Cheddar Cheese and or Salami into heart-shaped pieces and arrange in their lunchbox. To make the cutting easier, we recommend purchasing this tool.

Pasta Salad 

One of our favorite ways to eat our Soft Salami is in a pasta salad! And pasta salad is an easy, transportable lunch for your kids to eat during school.Similar to the DIY Lunchable, carving your Salami into heart shapes and adding it into your favorite pasta salad recipe is the perfect way to be on theme for the holiday.

Heart Shaped Weenies

You don’t need to have a million different kitchen utensils to make these heart-shaped sausages! Simply cook up a package of Vienna Beef Franks and once cool, slice them in half at an angle. Connect the two ends with a toothpick and voila — you have the perfect Valentine’s Day lunch! We recommend pairing with your child’s favorite toppings — Sport Peppers, Relish, Yellow Mustard — and sides, like cheese cubes, or chips.