August 25, 2022

Deli Meats Back-to-School Recipes

Getting your kids out of the house for school is a big enough challenge already, you don’t need to add a complicated school lunch to your plate too. Check out our collection of quick-to-make school lunches featuring a delicious selection of Vienna Beef Deli Meats! 

🍖 Homemade Lunchable 🍖

Remember the joy of eating a Lunchable as a kid? Yeah, us too! Ditch the one time plastic, and rising costs and make your child their own version. P.S. These pair great with Baby Carrots! 


  • Vienna Beef Salami
  • Cracker of Choice
  • Cheese of Choice


Pack up the Vienna Beef Salami, Crackers, and Cheese into your child’s lunch box, or build the mini-cracker sandwiches yourself

🥒 Meat and Veggie Kabobs 🥒

For an ultra-quick meal prep try out lunch kabobs! They only require a few ingredients and a few minutes to make. When paired with Vienna Beef Classic Deli Meats you know your child will have everyone talking about their lunch. 


  • Vienna Beef Turkey Pastrami
  • Cucumber
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Your choice of cheese, cubed
  • Kabob Sticks


  1. Slice the Cucumber into bite-able pieces
  2. Slide the choice of Meat, Cheese, sliced Cucumbers, and Tomatoes onto the kabob stick (it’s just that easy!)

🥩 Cheese and Beef Sticks 🥩

Another ultra-fast recipe that you could whip up within 5 minutes start to finish! Send it in your child lunch box with some fruit and veggies.


  • Pepper Jack Cheese Sticks
  • Vienna Beef Italian Beef


  1. Roll up the sliced Italian Beef around the Pepper Jack Cheese Stick