April 26, 2022


For over a quarter of a century, America’s Dog & Burger has been a key component in the resurgence of Chicago’s Navy Pier. In the mid-nineties, many well-known Hot Dog operators turned down the Navy Pier opportunity to sell their products at the infamous location. It was the Alpogianis brothers, George and Manolis, who pushed to open both a Hot Dog concept and a Deli with the tagline “Taste the best from East to West,” depicting styles and recipes from across the country. With Vienna Beef Hot Dogs as a primary component, America’s Dog & Burger has become an iconic foodservice gem.

(From left to right: Don Kaplan, Manolis Alpogianis, John Alexakos, Timothy O’Brien, Jim Locaciato, and Bob Schwartz)

Manolis has always been at the helm, along with Angel, a 25-year employee, and others like Angela and Shaniqua. America’s Dog & Burger has proven to be a continued success as one of Navy Pier’s stellar foodservice operators. Many celebrities like Henry Winkler, Sean Penn, and Vince Vaughn have joined the millions of tourists and Chicagoans over this past quarter-century to enjoy the America’s Dog & Burger experience.

(Pictured: Manolis Alpogianis with his sons Johannes & Evangelos)

Another aspect that makes a Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Famer special is how they give back to the community in so many ways. Under Manolis’ guidance and integrity, America’s Dog & Burger donates lunch to many CPS students and sponsors Lights Out in the Park, a program promoting camping and building community spirit. Additionally, Manolis personally mentors ‘at risk’ members of society giving them an opportunity to see the value within themselves. This all stems from three generations of a family dedicated to running quality foodservice restaurants in and around the Chicagoland area.

“We are extremely honored to be recognized by Vienna Beef, and this award could not have been possible without the loyal support of our customers, staff, community, and suppliers,” said Manolis Alpogianis, owner of America’s Dog & Burger.