October 11, 2021

All About Vienna Sport Peppers

By now, you all should be familiar with all seven toppings required for a Chicago Style Hot Dog. While each topping is just as important and just as delicious, there is something special about the Vienna Sport Pepper. This spicy Pepper is the pièce de résistance to every Chicago Style Dog and Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, after all. 

Not only do these little Peppers help our Hot Dogs and Polish Sausages pack the heat, but their spicy crunch can add something special to a handful of different recipes. There’s no limit to the possibilities when it comes to Vienna Sport Peppers. See what we mean. 👇

What is a Sport Pepper?

The Sport Pepper is a tiny green pepper which is pickled in vinegar and ends up turning a pale green color. These small Peppers are about an inch in length and offer a spicy yet tangy flair to whatever dish they’re added to. In terms of heat, most Sport Peppers are about 2-3 times hotter than a jalapeño pepper, according to the Scoville scale.

If you’ve never tried a Sport Pepper before, the best way to break the ice is with a Vienna Beef Chicago Style Hot Dog, of course! The premium beef Hot Dog and complex combination of ingredients will help emphasize the flavor of the Sport Pepper. Or, you can try it out with a Vienna Beef Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, a grilled Polish Sausage topped with Vienna Yellow Mustard, caramelized White Onions, and Sport Peppers. 

Already familiar with both? While we’ll never stop adding the heat to our Hot Dogs and Polish Sausages, we do like to think outside the box.Here are a few more ways to enjoy Vienna Sport Peppers:

  • On top of your favorite deli salads, like Potato and Macaroni 
  • In a Salad 
  • On a Sandwich 
  • On Pizza

You can learn more details about our famous Sports Peppers and order here.