August 6, 2021

All About Vienna Giardiniera

Did you know? The word Giardiniere is an Italian word that translates to “gardener.” Giardiniera describes the wholesome blend of vegetables that come with the Vienna Giardiniera. We blended some of the freshest vegetables like serrano peppers, celery, carrots, red peppers and olives in making this mildly hot condiment. We steep all of the ingredients in brine and then pack them in olive oil to get you that irresistible flavor that Chicagoans and people across the country have come to know and love.

Uses + Taste

While we might be partial to the classic Vienna Beef Italian Beef sandwich + Giardiniera combo, there are countless other ways to use both varieties of our Giardiniera! 

Although the Giardiniera makes the best Vienna Beef Italian Beef sandwiches, you will find out it has multiple uses. Asides from beef sandwiches, you can use the Giardiniera in combination with many of your meals like:

  • Omelets
  • Pizza topping 
  • Salads 
  • On top of Hot Dogs or Polish Sausage
  • In your favorite sandwich 
  • As a tasty relish for fresh-grilled chicken and fish
  • Tossed in your favorite pasta salad

Vienna Giardiniera is available in two flavor profiles. That way you can go for what suits your taste. You can either go with the mild blend or the hot blend. 

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