September 27, 2021

5 Secret Ingredients to Transform Your Bistro by Vienna Soups

Our line of Bistro by Vienna Soups are a pantry staple for both fall and winter. They are the perfect thing to have on hand when you’re not in the mood to cook yet another meal or are just simply looking for a meal that is warm and comforting. However, as with all things, variety is the spice of life! Below we’ve rounded up some simple ingredients you can add to your Bistro soups to enhance their flavor profile and shake things up a bit.


A lot of our Bistro soups, like the Farmer’s Market Vegetable or Mama’s Chicken Noodle, are very savory. If that’s not your style, adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice will help balance the flavors out for your palate. You won’t believe the difference it can make! If you’re out of fresh lemons, a dash of apple cider vinegar will work as well.

Olive Oil

A high-quality olive oil can take your bowl of Soup to a whole new level, making the entire meal taste like a five star dish. Again, make sure the olive oil is high-quality, to ensure a clean and bright flavor. It will add a nutty, rich, and herbaceous flavor to the soup. We recommend trying this on our Tomato Bisque with Spinach and Orzo or Wild Rice with Chicken soup.


For heartier soups and chilis like our Homestyle Beef Stew, Northwoods Chili, or Chili Dog Chili the best way to mellow out the flavors and add an element of creaminess is to add some dairy.  Try adding a dollop of sour cream, or if you’re looking for more protein, you can add a scoop of plain Greek yogurt. The creaminess in contrast to these rich flavors will have you wanting seconds!


Are you someone who craves a lot of texture in your meals? Don’t worry, us too. For creamier soups, we recommend adding in a handful of crispy chopped bacon or pan fried sausage crumbles; these options are perfect ways to add some extra crunch and protein to your dish. Or for more comfort friendly crunch, crispy fried onions and baked garlic croutons are great topped onto soups like our New England Clam Chowder.

Fresh Herbs

It’s always a win when you can add some more green into your diet! And, not only do fresh herbs elevate the flavors of your dish, but there is also something to say about the added presentation as well. Sprinkle a touch of rough chopped cilantro to our Bistro Corn Chowder and have a Southwestern themed meal. Chop some green onions and brighten a cup of our rich Cuban Black Bean with Sausage soup. Parsley, thyme, rosemary, cilantro, or basil are other herbs that can be used on a few of our Bistro soups which are available to buy online via