Build the Ultimate Bloody Mary Bar

The best way to root for your favorite NFL team this season includes a decked out Bloody Mary– and we’ve got you covered. Everything you need to build the ultimate Bloody Mary can be find on our website! All you need to take your favorite cocktail to the next level are a few savory Vienna Beef staples. Check them out below. 

Beef Stix
These snappy Beef treats are a blend of lean meat, beef brisket trimmings, zesty spices, and our famous hardwood hickory smoking – all in a natural casing. We like to use them to stir up our drinks for an extra boost of flavor! 
Sport Peppers
Add a little spice to your Bloody! Our beloved Sport Peppers belong on more than just Hot Dogs and Sausages. Pro tip– add a bit of juice from the jar to your Bloody and experience an extra kick!

Celery Salt
We can’t forget about the Celery Salt! Rim your glass or sprinkle a bit on top to finish off your beverage and you’ll have the perfect combination of spicy and salty in one sip. Our celery salt is the ideal finishing touch to a complete Bloody!

*Bonus* Mini BagelDogs
If you’re feeling like taking it one step further, add some Mini BagelDogs to the mix! Skewer them up and pop them on top of your Bloody. They say that a good Bloody Mary is a meal in a drink, and we’d be happy to snack on these for any meal of the day.

Keep your game day bar stocked and ready with our Bloody Mary Kit! We’ve partnered with Zing Zang to bring you the best mix, and the best toppings for your Sunday morning drink. Shop here.