Vienna Beef Updates!
Vienna Beef Updates!
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June 21, 2016

The Original Joey's Place

For almost 25 years, the Original Joey’s Place has been a part of the Charleston and Eastern Illinois University community. Mark Grant has developed a winning menu with an awesome variety of options including Vienna Beef hot dogs and Polish sausages. But it all began more than a decade before when Mark’s mom, Winola, began working for a newer restaurant start up called Jimmy Johns. Young Mark worked there and it inspired him to create his own Foodservice niche with his mother. They didn’t even have Vienna hot dogs early on; but that soon changed and as Mark remembers, "so did the business." Mark has also answered the call for community with many fundraisers at his location.

These are special people who have been on a mission to be the best at what they do. Joey's has been a loved location by many people from longtime residents to thousands of college students over the years. Even national football celebrities from the area like Tony Romo and Sean Payton have found their way to Joey’s Place. Joey’s has also been voted best hot dog and fastest delivery on Eastern Illinois' campus.