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Vienna Beef Honors Papa Chris’ Place with Induction to the Hall of Fame

Nick Sideris is proud to continue to pay homage to his father Chris, who started the family business with a couple of restaurants from the mid-sixties to the mid-eighties. Even earlier, Chris honed his skills and learned from the best as a waiter at the legendary Berghoff’s and Blackhawk restaurants. After those first few decades, Chris and Nick opened a new place in 1986.

Now about thirty years later, Nick, his sisters Pam and Kathy, and long time employees: Sam, Noe, and George, have perpetuated Papa Chris’ Place into a neighborhood icon. Generations of customers celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, while others just come in for good food and some interesting conversation. Papa Chris’ Place has become that habit forming food emporium that is a cornerstone of many communities. Even the side street has been named “Papa Chris’ Place” as an endearing reminder.

Vienna Beef hot dogs have been a long time menu favorite which also features their gyros, ribs, chicken, and homemade Italian beef. Great food with passionate people who care are key pieces to what makes Papa Chris’ achieve longevity.  This is why we acknowledge and congratulate Nick, the Sideris family and staff as we welcome Papa Chris’ Place into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame. From all of us at Vienna, we wish Papa Chris’ much continued success.

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Well deserved. Nick, Pam, and Kathy are always amazing. Papa Chris embodied dedication, hard work, kindness, business savvy, and exemplary customer service. And we must not forget his beloved wife who shared not only his.passion for the business, but pride in their children and grandchildren.

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Vienna Beef Updates!
We'll keep you in the loop on sales, events, and general hot doggery!