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Vienna Beef Inducts Flip’s Hot Dogs into the Hot Dog Hall of Fame ›

Flips Hot Dogs & Beef has now been around the Glen Ellyn community for half a century. But it was Peter Margaris and his wife Vicki who took the reins nearly 25 years ago. Now together with his son Bob, Peter has taken Flip’s to neighborhood iconic status.


With their Vienna Beef products and homemade saganaki cheese squares, gyros, chicken and beef, Peter and Bob serve “the absolute best products” to three generations of customers who keep coming back. It is family owned and operated where they support many sport, scout and church events. Together with longtime employees like Mike and Sara, the Margaris’ family is proud to be an established part of the Glen Ellyn community.

Now it’s Vienna’s turn to acknowledge, thank and congratulate Peter and Bob Margaris and welcome Flip’s Hot Dogs into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame. From all of us at Vienna, we wish Flip’s much continued success.

Vienna Beef Inducts Martin’s Corner into the Hot Dog Hall of Fame ›

Iimage1[1]n the heart of Chicago’s near west side, Richard and Robert Martin opened a neighborhood bar at the corner of 22nd Place and Hoyne back in 1951. That bar, obviously called Martin’s Corner has remained in the family; and in 1985, Robert (Bob) Martin Jr. took over. Bob had grown up in the area and attended church and school at nearby St. Paul’s. He immediately added a small restaurant with homemade food and soup specialties and featuring Vienna Beef hot dogs and polish sausage.

The place has continued to become an important neighborhood icon; owned and operated as a family business for two thirds of a century and carrying a quality food menu for the past thirty years. Bob’s two sisters have also been working along side. Besides good food and drink; Bob Martin has given back to the community in many big ways. From his ‘Heart of Chicago’ charity of raising over a quarter million dollars in scholarships for area kids to working with the police to develop community outreach basketball camps, Martin has been an integral part of the neighborhood and an important neighbor and business operator who cares. The place itself has so much nostalgic charm that in 1985, a scene from the movie ‘The Untouchables’ was filmed there and now thirty years later, a couple of scenes from the popular TV series, ‘Chicago PD’, was filmed there, as well.

It is now Vienna’s turn to acknowledge and thank Robert Martin and his supportive, working family; and Welcome with great pride and distinction, Martin’s Corner into the Vienna Beef Hall of Fame. From all us at Vienna, we wish Martin’s Corner much continued success.

Vienna Beef Inducts Terry’s Place into the Hot Dog Hall of Fame ›

Terry Creamer has been a workaholic all his life and has instilled the same work ethic to his son Tim. In 1963, Terry started up not one, but two fast food places at Cicero at Monroe and Central at Lake at almost the same time. Ten years later he said, “What’s one more;” and opened at Madison at Austin; which is where Tim has carried on the tradition of over half a century. The other two are gone now, but Tim keeps this neighborhood icon going strong. Terry’s Place has become a fixture to second and even third generation customers where even much of the staff has been around for many years, including Juan, Roberto, Eddie and Carlos.

From those Vienna Beef hot dogs, polish sausage and corned beef to specialties like their gyros burrito and pizza puff that covers a plate, the food has become king. The accolades of which have become almost as plentiful as the place itself. After forty years at this location and over fifty years overall, it’s not difficult to figure out the reasons behind this success story.

It is with great admiration and thanks that Vienna Beef welcomes Terry’s Place into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame. From all of us at Vienna, we with Tim and Terry’s Place much continued success.


Vienna Beef Updates!
We'll keep you in the loop on sales, events, and general hot doggery!