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Johnnie’s Pastrami joins the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame ›

Johnnie’s Pastrami started back in 1952; and Bob and Sue Bass have perpetuated Johnnie’s into a Southern California icon over the last two thirds of a century. It has been recognized by the Culver City Historical Society and has become a true Los Angeles landmark. Consistency and quality have been the secret ingredients and Vienna Beef, with its pastrami, corned beef and hotdogs is proud to have been an integral part of that recipe since their inception.

Johnnie’s serves up fast, freJohnnie's Pastrami inducted into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Famesh 50’s diner fare including the music. Everything from its tried and true Vienna Beef pastrami and corned beef sandwiches to the chili dogs, charbroiled burgers, golden brown chicken, fish and shrimp baskets are the specialties people keep coming back for. Every meal begins with their complimentary bowl of their kosher style pickles made with special herbs and spices. Since their inception, not much has changed from the original neon sign and juke boxes to the patio umbrellas and wood laminate countertops.

Countless celebrities and regulars have feasted on those famous pastrami dip sandwiches including: Adam Sandler, Jimmy Fallon, Mark Wahlberg, Magic Johnson to name a few. The accolades and awards are numerous.  Now it is Vienna’s turn to acknowledge and thank Sue Bass, Jueve Solorio, the entire staff and family and to welcome Johnnie’s Pastrami into the Vienna Beef Hall of Fame. From all of the folks at Vienna, we say congratulations and best wishes for much continued success.

Vienna Beef Welcomes Jeff’s Red Hots to the Hall of Fame ›

Steve Vrettos has been the owner, operator and heart of Jeff’s Red Hots since 1989. Founded almost 40 years ago, Jeff’s has become an iconic neighborhood eatery.  They have been listed as one of Chicago Magazine’s Top Dogs and have been featured on WGN’s Chicago’s Best. Steve says, “We build a better dog and folks love our burgers and gyros, too”.

Jeff’s motto is “consistent quality yields repeat business”. This motto has yielded three generations of customers who continue to come back. Steve also works to build business with schools, park events and neighborhood block parties. He is active in the civic minded Six Corners Association.

It is this dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, combined with knowing many of his customers by name that has led to many accolades and awards to Jeff’s. Vienna Beef would like to thank Steve Vrettos, his family and staff. We welcome Jeff’s Red Hots into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame. From all of us at Vienna, we say congratulations and extend our best wishes for much continued success.IMG_4954

Vienna Beef Inducts Ariston’s Drive-In Restaurant to the Hot Dog Hall of Fame ›

IMG_4885It’s been over 30 years since Nick Reveliotis opened Ariston’s in Hazel Crest, Illinois. Together with brothers-in-law, Jim and Tom Katris, they have turned there fast food, diner style magic into a southwest suburban neighborhood gem. Featuring their famous gyros and gyros burgers complimenting their Vienna® Beef hot dogs and polish sausage; as well as a broad menu from Greek salads to Italian Beef and a variety of Mexican specialties; there is something good for everyone.

Over the years Ariston’s has accumulated many accolades and awards from neighborhood beautification to charitable donations and scholarships. Since their mid 1980’s beginnings, Ariston’s has been both a purveyor of consistently good quality food and a credit to the community.

Now, its Vienna’s turn to acknowledge and thank Nick, Jim and Tom and welcome Ariston’s into the Vienna® Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame. From all of us at Vienna®, please accept our sincere congratulations and best wishes for continued success.

Vienna Beef Inducts Mr. D’s Shish-Kabobs to the Hot Dog Hall of Fame ›

Back in the late 1960’s, Mike and Ann Antonopoulos began a little family restaurant on the northIMG_4734west side of Chicago. Little did they realize then that this small food specialty shop would become a neighborhood icon nearly a half century later. With the help of their son John, for the past couple of decades, Mr. D’s has been preparing memorable sandwiches to four generations of repeat customers.


As a family owned and operated restaurant preparing great food, many of their customers who have moved to the suburbs and out of town always seem to find their way back; usually bringing in other folks with them so they can brag about this neighborhood gem of their youth. Whether it’s their famous steak sandwich or the equally popular shish-kabob sandwich; or a Vienna Beef hot dog and polish sausage; it’s made with loving care and ingredients. And let’s not forget those amazing fresh cut fries, as well.


Mr. D’s was chosen to be featured on one of the first shows of WGN’s Chicago’s Best nearly ten years ago. Reviewed in Food Industry News and recommended by Alderman Nick Sposato, in addition to other restaurant owners, it’s no wonder that Vienna Beef has chosen to honor Mr. D’s and welcome the Antonopoulos family as the newest member of the Hot Dog Hall of Fame; with heartfelt congratulations and wishing much continued success.

Vienna Beef Inducts Original Al’s Beef to the Hot Dog Hall of Fame ›


This Little Italy food icon actually began back in 1917, when Anthony Ferrari started making his own seasoned beef and peddled it in the neighborhood and for weddings. But jump ahead 20 years to 1938, when Anthony’s kids; Al Ferrari and his sister and brother in law, Frances and Chris Pacelli Sr further developed the beef recipe and sold it in their stand. In 1968, the family, with cousins, Chris and Terry at the helm, opened at their current digs on Taylor, adding Italian sausage and Vienna Beef hot dogs, as well as other specialties to round out the menu.

Al’s has truly been a father of the now famous Chicago style Italian Beef, with yet another generation of Chris Pacelli and Terry Ferrari involved in all facets of the business including catering. Their success has been due to generations of family hard work and, of course, consistent product that has led to the franchising of Al’s Beef; their great name and quality is now available around Chicago and throughout the country. They have been honored with Best Beef in Chicago awards and have appeared on numerous television stations and shows from NBC’s Today Show, to the Food Network and Travel Channel, A&E and PBS. Celebrities like Jay Leno and Jim Belushi, as well as the cast of Chicago Fire stop by for their Al’s treat.

At Vienna Beef, we are proud to have been along for the ride contributing Chicago’s iconic hot dog to the already iconic mix featuring Al’s century old recipe; and welcome the Original Al’s Beef into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame. From all of us at Vienna, we say thanks, and wish the Ferrari and Pacelli families much continued success.

Vienna Beef Inducts Fast Track into the Hot Dog Hall of Fame ›

IMG_4064It’s been nearly a quarter of a century since Bonnie and Eddie Tefka jump started this Chicago loop fast food oasis. As a family business, they have taken great pride in serving awesome food and developing friends out of their many repeat customers who keep coming back and are like family.

Voted best burger in town even before burgers became fashionable’ is just part of their bill of fare which includes their great Italian Beef and Vienna Beef hot dogs and polish sausage and much more produced by the Tefka’s and their always reliable Chef Kleo. Community and charity driven, Eddie and Bonnie are active supporters of Catholic charities and the Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital. The place is a blast from the past with big trains going by outside and little trains inside and was even a movie set once upon a time for a Dolly Parton film.

Fast Track is what the Vienna Beef Hall of Fame is all about: great food, a feeling of customer belonging and a credit to the community. This is why Vienna acknowledges and thanks Bonnie and Eddie, and welcomes Fast Track into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame. From all of us at Vienna, we say congratulations and wish you much continued success.

Vienna Beef Updates!
We'll keep you in the loop on sales, events, and general hot doggery!