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Vienna Beef: The Official Corned Beef of St. Patrick’s Day ›

Chicago; the city once known as, “the hog butcher for the world,” now has but one specialty meat company left; Vienna Beef, in business here 121 years.  Vienna Beef was recently awarded the title of; “The official corned beef of St. Patrick’s Day” by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

The Late Night Guide to St. Patrick’s Day ›

 We asked patrons at a local Irish bar to explain some St. Patrick’s Day traditions. You’ll never believe what leprechauns invented! 

The Windy City Way ›

As soon as Craig Bagdon mentions the Seattle-style hot dog — an all-beef dog with cream cheese and grilled onions — a customer eating one a few seats over gives two thumbs up. But on the menu at Chicago Beef Company, the Seattle dog is just about the only Northwestern item: As you might guess from the name, it’s all about Chicago food. Read the full article here!

Lakewood Business Focus: Chicago Style Beef & Dogs ›

Great article on Chicago Style Beef and Dogs, a loyal customer of ours located in Lakewood, CO! Read the full article here!


Casciani’s Pizzaria Inducted into Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame ›

Vienna Beef is proud to induct Casciani’s Pizzaria in to the exclusive Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame in February 2014. Casciani’s Pizzaria is a longstanding quality establishment with personality, customer service and commitment to community.

In 1967, Sergio Casciani had an idea and started his own pizza restaurant featuring Vienna Beef hot dogs and other local and homemade specialties. His son Harry worked with him in Cicero and eventually moved to build a new restaurant in Hodgekins in 1987. The family tradition came alive in the neighborhood, as a local gathering place to eat great pizza and Vienna Beef hot dogs and talk about the Chicago Bears and Chicago sports. Today the restaurant remains strong with Harry’s sons Carmen, Rocco and Gino, as they have become an important part of the community through good food and good times.

Vienna Beef proudly recognized Carmen, Rocco and Gino Casciani and the staff at Casciani’s Pizzaria for exceptional quality, personality and hospitality by inducting Casciani’s Pizzaria into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame in February 2014. “Casciani’s exceptional quality, personality and hospitality make them an ideal candidate for our recognition program.  We are proud to work with them and excited to recognize their success in this way.”  says Bob Schwartz, Vice President of Vienna Beef.

Chicago Dogs hit Asheboro, North Carolina ›

If hot dogs are high on your list of favorite foods to chow down on, check out Mike’s Chicago Dog & More, a new eatery on North Fayetteville Street in downtown Asheboro.

Read the full article here!