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Vienna® Beef Enshrines Cozzi Corner Hot Dogs & Beef Into Hot Dog Hall of Fame ›

CozziCorner_1On October 6th, 1991, Alex and Wendy Villarreal opened “an old school hot dog joint.” After all, they met in high school working at a local Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. Cozzi Corner opened and a year later they were married. For the past quarter of a century they have had good times, four kids, and are now celebrating a 25th anniversary with each other while providing great food and conversation with their customers in Downers Grove.

Customers love “their Vienna® Beef hotdogs, fries, and Green River,” in addition to their other menu favorites. Wendy even keeps in contact with her very first employee. They have a cruise night car show on Tuesday evenings and support many local charities and fundraisers. Wendy and Alex’s two sons, AJ and Zach work at Cozzi Corner, with the younger Jack and Katie soon to be added to the working team.

“Meet the real sausage king of Chicago,” our CEO Jim Bodman ›


We are proud to support our CEO Jim Bodman on his past success and future endeavors here at Vienna Beef. He started working at Vienna in warehouse almost 50 years ago and still believes that there should be no ketchup on a true Chicago Style Hot Dog. When asked to define a Chicago Hot Dog in one word he said “memories,” which is what we all hold close to our hearts here as employees. Every true Chicagoan has a memory or two of eating a Chicago Style Dog with their family and friends. We would like to congratulate J.B. on this great article and look forward to the adventures that lie ahead of us here at this company.

Posted in the business section of Sunday’s Chicago Tribune (August 28, 2016). Check out the link below for the full story! —



The Dugout’s Induction into the Vienna Beef Hall of Fame ›

Sports and hot dogs have always been better together. It’s truly special to find a man like Mike Distefano who embraces both of the aspects of his American Dream with a Midwestern twist. He is the reason why The Dugout opened its doors in 1984. With Mike’s flair for sports, particularly his love for hockey, the place itself is homage to his passion and his hometown. He has created a “Cheers” effect in his restaurant, knowing his customers personally and their specific orders. Sometimes choosing between some of his award-winning menu items can be difficult. Many people have their own favorites like critic Pat Bruno’s favorite the pepper & egg sandwich. Any true food fan would have a tough time making up their mind. Mike was also a forerunner to Vienna Beef’s “Cheli’s Chili,” a recipe of the former NHL superstar, Chris Chelios. Helping local needs and charities has also been a large part of Mike’s business DNA. Mike juggles his time between the restaurant, coaching youth hockey, and working as an NHL official. Because of a great staff, including his longtime manager of 30 years Dawn Schmitz, Mike makes it look easy. Now it’s Vienna’s turn to thank and congratulate Mike Distefano and his amazing staff for all of their hard work and dedication. We proudly welcome The Dugout into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame. From all of us at Vienna, we say congratulations and offer best wishes for much continued success.

Vienna Beef WelcomesThe Original Joey’s Place to the Hot Dog Hall of Fame ›

TheOriginalJoeysPlaceFor nearly a quarter of a century, the Original Joey’s Place has been a part of the Charleston and Eastern Illinois University community. Mark Grant has developed a winning menu with Vienna Beef hot dogs and Polish sausages, great burgers with homemade buns, and an awesome variety ofdeli, beef, and Philly steak sandwiches to name a few. But it all began more than a decade before, when Mark’s mom, Winola, left the farm to begin working for a newer restaurant start up called Jimmy Johns. Young Mark worked there, as well and it inspired him to create his own Foodservice niche. Winola and Mark bought Joey’s which seemed to need a complete makeover, and the Grant’s were just the family for the task. They didn’t even have Vienna hot dogs early on; but that soon changed and as Mark remembers,”so did the business.”

The community has been behind Mark and Winola, who opens the restaurant each and every morning. These are special people who have been on a mission to be the best at what they do. From business leaders to longtime residents to thousands of college students over the years; folks from all over the region keep coming back to Joey’s. Even national football celebs from the area, like Tony Romo and Sean Payton have found their way to Joey’s Place.Among other accolades, Joey’s has been voted best hot dog and fastest delivery on campus. Mark has also answered the call and need for community and charity with many fundraisers.

Now it’s Vienna Beef’s turn to acknowledge and thank Mark, Winola, and the rest of the family and staff; and welcome Original Joey’s Place into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame. From all of us at Vienna, we say congratulations and best wishes for much continued success in the future.

Vienna Beef Inducts the Original George’s Gyros Spot into the Hot Dog Hall of Fame ›

Twenty years ago, Louis and Anastasia Pallas and their teenage son, Paul bought a four year old little hot dog and gyros stand in northwest Indiana. Although Paul wasn’t initially very excited about the business, nor plodding through college; he soon came around and graduated with a finance degree and was enthusiastically eager to help run, shape and grow this family business. Ten years later, with business doing quite well, they decided to tear down ‘the little yellow barn’ called The Original Georges Gyros Spot and build a place four times the size with a dining room that seats more than one hundred. Their enthusiasm to expand was based on the fact that since the very beginning, George’s has created a great high quality reputation serving three generations of customers; many of whom have become friends as well as patrons.


The local Post Tribune has awarded George’s with best area hot dog honors among their many other local accolades and awards. The Pallas family supports numerous little leagues and other local sports; have hosted pancake breakfasts for charities; and also sponsors YMCA and local theatre events. They are also active in the Chesterton area Lions Club and Chamber of Commerce.

The Pallas’ have always provided great food with premium products. Now it’s Vienna Beef’s turn to acknowledge and thank Louis, Anastasia and Paul, and welcome The Original George’s Gyros Spot into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame. From all of us at Vienna, we send congratulations and best wishes for much continued success.

Johnnie’s Pastrami joins the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame ›

Johnnie’s Pastrami started back in 1952; and Bob and Sue Bass have perpetuated Johnnie’s into a Southern California icon over the last two thirds of a century. It has been recognized by the Culver City Historical Society and has become a true Los Angeles landmark. Consistency and quality have been the secret ingredients and Vienna Beef, with its pastrami, corned beef and hotdogs is proud to have been an integral part of that recipe since their inception.

Johnnie’s serves up fast, freJohnnie's Pastrami inducted into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Famesh 50’s diner fare including the music. Everything from its tried and true Vienna Beef pastrami and corned beef sandwiches to the chili dogs, charbroiled burgers, golden brown chicken, fish and shrimp baskets are the specialties people keep coming back for. Every meal begins with their complimentary bowl of their kosher style pickles made with special herbs and spices. Since their inception, not much has changed from the original neon sign and juke boxes to the patio umbrellas and wood laminate countertops.

Countless celebrities and regulars have feasted on those famous pastrami dip sandwiches including: Adam Sandler, Jimmy Fallon, Mark Wahlberg, Magic Johnson to name a few. The accolades and awards are numerous.  Now it is Vienna’s turn to acknowledge and thank Sue Bass, Jueve Solorio, the entire staff and family and to welcome Johnnie’s Pastrami into the Vienna Beef Hall of Fame. From all of the folks at Vienna, we say congratulations and best wishes for much continued success.

Vienna Beef Updates!
We'll keep you in the loop on sales, events, and general hot doggery!