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Lunchbreak: Clark Street Dogs ›

Clark Street Dogs is featured on WGNTV!

Hot Doug’s Chicago-Style Hot Dog ›

In a city known for hot dogs, Chicago “sausage superstore” Hot Doug’s is a standard bearer. Proprietor Doug Sohn gave himself a tall order when he opened Hot Doug’s in 2001: “When I decided to open, the impetus was to create a great Chicago-style dog … I aim to be the best Chicago dog in the city.”

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Chicago’s 29 Best Hot Dogs ›

According to the, these are 29 of the best hot dogs in Chicago. Several of the locations are Vienna Beef stands too!

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Chicago Hot Dogs aren’t the only delicacy at Spalla’s ›

If you’re looking for Chicago Hot Dogs in Boston, Spalla’s in Natick, MA is THE authentic joint west of the city. Run by husband and wife Cara and Anthony Spalla, both Chicago natives, Spalla’s serves up authentic Chicago Hot Dogs using Vienna Beef products. They make their own Italian Beef sandwiches and Chicago style Italian Ice too! Read the full article here by HotDogMan!


National Hot Dog Day with The Family Dog ›

Bob Cutler the owner/general manager of The Family Dog and one of his cooks Eric, was celebrated National Hot Dog Day by making a Chicago Dog and one of their specialty dogs called the Blue Lacey. Read the full story here!

Blackhawks Fan in New England Serves Chicago fare ›

Gary Carlson, owner of Windy City Dogs (Norwell, MA), serves Chicago-Style Hot Dogs in the land of the Bruins! Watch this news segment about his hot dog stand!

Windy City Dogs