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May 25, 2016

George's Gyros Spot

Over twenty years ago, Louis and Anastasia Pallas bought a small hot dog and gyros stand in northwest Indiana. Their son Paul wasn’t very excited about the stand at first, but he soon grew to love it and even graduated with a finance degree eager to join the family business. Ten years later, with business doing quite well, they decided to tear down ‘the little yellow barn’ and build a place four times the size with a dining room that seats over one hundred guests. Their enthusiasm to expand was based on the fact that since the very beginning, George’s Gyros Spot has created a high quality reputation serving great food to many customers. Many of these customers have also become lifelong friends to the family.

The local Post Tribune has awarded George’s with best area hot dog honors, along with their many other local accolades and awards. The Pallas family supports numerous local sports, host pancake breakfasts for charities, and continue to do much more for their community. They are also active in the Chesterton area Lions Club and Chamber of Commerce.